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What is BOSS Meals?
BOSS Meals is a meal preparation company. BOSS Meals provides nutritionally sound meal options coupled with extremely easy access to prepared and delivered food, prepared with safe food handling practices.

Why choose BOSS Meals?
The difference between BOSS meals and other easily accessible meal options is that they are prepared fresh with whole foods with the added benefit of delivery. We’ve also walked in similar shoes; we know what it is like to yo yo diet, to have to lose weight, to have to gain weight and we know that success comes entirely from being consistent.
How does it work?
We offer a full menu online which is accessible 24/7. Place an order anytime before Friday at 9pm EST to receive your meals the Monday following. We offer Signature Meals, Breakfast Bowls as well as a fully functional Custom Meal/Build Your Own option where you can make your own meals based on the Protein Source, Carb Source and Veggie source you want.

When do I get my meals?
BOSS Meals currently cooks all meals on Sunday and delivers your meals to you on Monday so you are ready to tackle your week without the worry of having to do your own meal preparation. All orders must be placed by 9pm EST on the prior Friday to receive your meals on the following Monday.

We can also accommodate special requests for meals outside of the Sunday/Monday timeframe. For example, if you’re travelling to the Greater Toronto Area/Golden Horseshoe and need meals for a few days, please contact us at and we can look into helping you keep your nutrition on track.

How does shipping work?

BOSS Meals currently delivers from Fort Erie to Mississauga. Upon checkout, please select a Monday delivery date. BOSS Meals is now starting deliveries from Hamilton. This means your proximity to Hamilton will dictate your delivery time as we move East and South on separate routes.  We do send an estimated delivery time to you on the Saturday prior to your delivery. You can contact us after you receive the email if you need to make alternate arrangements for delivery. Since we are delivering perishable food, we cannot leave food on door steps so someone needs to be present to receive the food. We can also arrange for a Sunday evening pickup in Hamilton assuming this is pre-arranged. We can text you when your food is ready and you can come by and pick it up Please email us at if you’re unsure whether we deliver to your area or if you want to arrange for a pickup.

Do you deliver to Toronto?

We’re currently looking at expanding our delivery area to include Toronto.

How much do meals cost?

Our meals are priced depending on the size of the meal. That said, our meals start at $9.05 per meal and increase as the amount of protein and carbs per meal increases. Our average price is $10.45 for a regular size meal (4oz protein) ,$12.45 for an Athlete size meal (6oz protein) and $18.45 for a Family Size meal (serves 4).

What is the shelf life of the meals?Meals generally last 6-7 days from the date assuming they are stored at/below 4C.

Can I freeze the meals?
Meals can be frozen but we do not ship meals frozen. In addition, some foods freeze better than others so taste cannot be guaranteed if frozen.

How do I heat my meals?
As all of our meals are shipped fresh we suggest unsealing the lid and reheating them in your microwave on high for 90-120 seconds or until internal temperature reaches 160F. If you prefer your meals hotter, you can adjust for additional time.

Can I order custom meals?
Yes, we certainly do custom orders. Customers can now go to the Order Food page and select one of the ‘Build Your Own’ meals (filtered by Protein choice) and build their own meals. These can be ordered alongside our Signature Meals or on their own, depending on your nutritional needs.

How can I request a food I don't see on your menu?
You can send an email to to see if we can add a food to the menu so you can include in your meal order.

Does the menu ever change?
Yes. We do change the menu monthly, keeping customer favourites and rotating in some of our menu options. We plan to keep the menu options between 10 to 12 items per month.

I like Meal A but I don't like food X, can I switch that for food Z?
Generally, this can be accommodated. You can send an email to to request this, or add a note on your order to swap food X for food Z (assuming you see food Z as an option elsewhere). If there are any issues with your request, somebody from BOSS Meals will reach out to you.

How do I reach BOSS Meals?
You can send an email to or visit our Contact page.