How Does it Work?


Simply Order your meals every week before 9pm Friday for delivery the following Monday.


How do I order?
Simply log on to our website at to select from any of our Signature Entrees or use our Build Your Own feature to build your own meals based on what you need to eat.


Do I have to order every week?
No. You can order 1 meal or 100 meals. There’s a delivery fee (based on your delivery area) if your order is below the minimum for that area. There’s no commitment or contract. Just order whatever week you need food.


How/When do I get my order?
Delivery occurs every Monday morning, typically before the noon hour. On the Saturday morning preceding your delivery date you’ll receive an email with an estimated time of arrival for your delivery so you’ll know when we’ll be there and not waste your morning waiting.
We also have the option for Sunday night pickup at our kitchen location. 811 King St E in Hamilton, ON. Pickup will typically be available between 4pm-7pm on Sunday evening. We will text you when your meals are ready for pickup.


Are the meals frozen?
No. All our meals are prepared fresh on Sunday afternoon and refrigerated immediately. Meals will last 4-5 days in a properly cooled refrigerator. This is also why we need someone to be available to receive delivery. We cannot just leave food on your front steps.


I have a meal plan. Can you make my meals?
Yes. We can do custom meal plans based off your nutrition plan. If you already know what your menu needs, you can simply email us for a quote on the prep and delivery cost. We can also build a menu for you if you know what your macros/calories needs are.